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HoloScene Wildlife Services provides land stewardship consulting and advanced mapping and analysis for wildlife and ecosystem stewardship; and conservation planning. From a small city lot to multi-state conservation initiatives, we can apply state-of-the-art science and technology to develop and implement effective strategies to improve land stewardship for the ecosystem, wildlife, and people.

Tools for Conservation Planning

Tool for Conservation Planning


Wild Planner is a collection of GIS-based tools designed to support land use decision making for wildlife conservation.  The toolbox includes tools to assist conservationists, land use planners, developers, and other interested parties with designing landscapes that provide secure living habitat and/or allow movement habitat connectivity for wildlife.

Wild Planner is based on the precautionary principle.  It identifies and eliminates areas suspected of compromising wildlife and their habitats and evaluates remaining areas for their potential to support desirable wildlife.

Wild Planner is not intended to replace consultation with wildlife professionals or on-site evaluations.  Any conservation or development plans based on results from Wild Planner should be followed up with consultation with local wildlife professionals and on-site verification before implementing plans.

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